Rylie Radtke

Lead Planner & Owner

Having recently married my high-school sweetheart, I found myself wishing I could plan my wedding all over again. I had fallen in love with every aspect of wedding planning and design. The artist and designer in me realized then that creating beautiful experiences and spaces for people is what I needed to be doing with my life. So after finishing my Master of Fine Arts at The New York Academy of Art, I went into the wedding industry.

Now, I am living my dream, and hoping to make yours come true!

I was born and raised in northern Minnesota. After spending two years in New York, my husband and I have settled in North Dakota for his career. I run So This is Love from home, conducting online and in-person consultations, and traveling to my clients for onsite services and help.

When I'm not planning a wedding, I'm either drawing, painting, writing, or, of course, watching Netflix! We love spending time with our family, and enjoy traveling together.  

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